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Protrack GPS Platform is based on clarity, simplicity
and functionality

LIVE Tracking

Either through our portal or mobile app you can monitor your entire fleet LIVE in real time. Perfect solution to vehicle and equipment theft recovery and unauthorised use.


Many Reports

With many reports available it’s easy to track distance travelled, speeds, time on jobs, start and finishing times.


Health & Safety

Health & Safety in any business is important today, having a solution to see where your employees are is vital to know they are home safely.


Increasing Productivity

Increasing productivity is a time and money saver. With our GPS fleet tracking system, businesses can monitor time spent at job sites or when starting or finishing for the day to ensure drivers are more productive.


Platform Subscription

We offer an affordable online solution for all sizes of business no matter how many vehicles and assets are in your fleet a series of plans


Most popular

Small / Medium Business’s

$ 19.99 / mo.

  • 1 – 4 GPS Units
  • LIVE Tracking
  • Odometer / Engine Hours
  • Geofencing
  • Playback’s
  • RUC Reminders
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • FULL Platform Access
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Business Plus

Most popular

Small / Medium Business’s

$ 15.99 / mo.

  • 21 – 50 GPS Units
  • LIVE Tracking
  • Odometer / Engine Hours
  • Geofencing
  • Playback’s
  • Virtual Accounts
  • RUC Reminders
  • Family Share
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • FULL Platform Access
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Most popular

Distributor / Wholesaler


  • Unlimited
  • White Label Branding
  • Create Accounts
  • Unlimited Features
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Latest 3.0v Platform

Protrack GPS New Zealand offers a complete GPS platform solution, our software supports over 200+ different GPS models. Our Interface is clean and straight to the point, not need for fancy eye candy with dials and irrelevant information. 


Playback allows you to track your vehicle from start to finish during the day, also displays “P” park icons with time arrived and departed with duration, quick selection enables you to select “today, yesterday, week, last week etc…” also graphical speed indication and more.

Geofencing Vehicles

Geofencing allows you to set virtual parameters on maps to alert you if the vehicle enters or leaves the location you set, either set a circle or polygon shape and set mulitable geofences within each other

Full Reporting

Full reporting of your entire fleet, including kilometeres (Cars, Utes, Trucks)  traveled, and also hours (Excavators, generators, machinery). Total overspeeds and stay times, these you can also drill into further.

Overview Report

Quick glance of your fleet tracking for the day, week, month with mileage, total overspeeds and parking time. You also have the ability to drill in further.
Print the data data directly or export either in excel or PDF

Trip Report

Detailed trip report for any driver with “start” and “finish” location, distance between and duration traveled.
Reporting of parked time at address. Accumulative time driving and distance for the day

A few things we’re great at

Protrack is our flagship application, providing cloud-based platform for management of all your mobile assets. The highest quality of our platfomr is “clean and simple”, as you will see its straight to the point and not cluttered with dials and graphics


A real-time LIVE view of your fleet and status

Detailed Reporting

Extensive reporting of your fleet, moving, speeding, parking, trips from A to B, Engine status, OBD reporting and alerts

Maintenance Scheduling

Our system intuitively keeps track of asses usage, in distance or hours of use (eg: Excavators)

Road User Charges (RCU’s)

Streamline your RUCs with auto purchasing of Road Users Charges reminders

Virtual Parameters

Create your own virtual perimeters, landmarks, customers and employees with a series of premade icons

Geofencing Vehicles

Geofencing your vehicles and assets can alert you when out of area, or employee start / finish times

Contact Form

Please drop me a line for any quesitons you might have, alternatively you can talk to a real person +64 21 734374 (New Zealand)